We try to provide an atmosphere in which residents can enjoy life and the activities that interest them. This is important to health and well being, as well as to a feeling of involvement.

At the FarmPhysical, social and spiritual needs are met through a hours. Partnerships with churches and community organizations provide additional services and activities to enhance residents’ well-being. Transportation is to enhance residents’ well-being. Transportation is available for shopping, recreation, and worship opportunities. Each resident, and their family, is interviewed to determine their interests. Residents who enjoy socialization have daily and evening program opportunities to participate. The objective is to assist each resident to enhance or maintain self care abilities within their cognitive limitations, to reduce isolation by providing environmental and sensory stimulation in an attempt to raise or maintain levels of awareness and to actively involve residents in physical exercise to maintain strength and mobility. We provide cable television in the living room, books, magazines, music and video library. Cable can also be provided in each bedroom if the resident wishes it. For those residents who do not speak English, international stations can be ordered.

Whether your loved one is turning 21 or 65; each resident’s birthday is celebrate like its their 100thBirthday – no matter what the age!  Families are encourage to attend the parties, some even plan the whole celebration.



We provide the opportunity to celebrate all holidays, both national and religious as appropriate, in which residents may participate.


Field Trips
No one likes to be cooped up in a house 24 hours a day, so we like to get our


residents out and about at least once a month. Even if the resident cannot participate in the complete activities, we like for them to be there to watch other people have fun, and of course enjoy the meal.


Past outings have included:
Chuck E. Cheese, The Milwaukee County Zoo, Bowling, Milwaukee Public Museum, Discovery World, The Domes, Petting Zoos, Pumpkin Patches, Summerfest, State Fair, and restaurants of all different types.