Our History

Countryview was created in 1999. Working in a nursing home for 7 years, Zvia Shaer saw the conditions in which the elderly were living. She was the sole nurse, responsible for 32 patients. Often a nurse in the adjoining wing would not show for work and Zvia would then have 64 patients. Zvia never had the time to socialize with the residents or devote any personal attention to them. She constantly thought she could provide a better, more loving, home-like environment for the elderly. When she happened on the concept of a group home, Zvia saw the answer to dreams. She and her husband bought a 4-bedrooms, 3-bath home in Germantown and began the process of becoming licensed as an 8-bed CBRF.

izhac and zviaAfter constant requests from Milwaukee Co personnel for the Shaers’ to open a home within Milwaukee Co, Bayview Residential in Bayside was opened in January 2004. The larger demand than two homes could fulfill. When Marian Franciscan closed it’s DD unit, the Shaers’ opened their third home, Shaer Residential, in order to accommodate the last few residents, whom the nursing home could not place.  In February 2006, Hemlock Residential was added to the Countryview family. Hemlock is a 4 bed, ambulatory, Adult Family Home, serving a DD population. Hemlock was opened to serve a different type of population in a smaller setting.


Countryview’s mission is to provide the best living environment for its residents. Countryview strives to give a supportive family-like environment to residents while allowing them to remain as independent as possible. Zvia, Izhac, and Mike handle all aspects of the residents; needs, from building an entertainment unit to assuring prompt arrival at MD appointments.