We offer our clients a variety of services ranging from meals, to medication management to personal cares and everything in between.


Doing Dishes


Laundry & Housekeeping

We do laundry daily, and accommodations are made for those who desire to perform this life skill.  Rooms are cleaned regularly, unless clients desire to perform their own upkeep.




Desserts are served with dinner. Snacks are available at all times, as are a variety of beverages. Snacks include, but are not limited to: popcorn, chips, graham crackers, saltines, Popsicle, fruit and vegetables, Sugar Free Juice, Water, Milk, Tea and Coffee. Special consideration is given to the likes and dislikes of each individual so that mealtime can be enjoyed by all. In addition, we can follow physician ordered diets that are within our ability to prepare. Residents can requests additional snacks and beverages at any time. If you would like to bring in specialized foods, please let us know so that can be labeled and stored correctly. Our residents come from all over the world. If there is something special you and you loved ones enjoy, let us know. We would love to broaden our horizons and learn a new recipe!

Person-Centered Care Plans

Each consumer has a person-centered care plan custom-tailored to their unique personality, experiences and diagnosis. This plan is updated and evolved on a regular basis.


Independent Living Skills

Based on each client’s Individual Service Plans, we offer instruction in skills such as money management, conflict resolution, and socialization.


Personal Care

We care for each resident according to their assessed needs


Medication Management


Medication is given to each residents at the properly scheduled medication. Medications are managed specific to each resident and only as authorized by the resident’s physician. All additions, deletions or changes in dosage or treatment must also have physician’s writ

ten approval. Our state certified and fully trained staff will administer medications and treatments. Medications are kept in a locked cabinet. All medications come directly from the pharmacy, both prescription and over the counter. All medications are delivered to the house at the end of each month and as needed.


Health Monitoring and Changes in Condition

With a Registered Nurses on call 24 hours, you can feel safe that your vital signs and taken and documented to help us better detect any significant changes. A Physician comes to each house once a month to ensure that all residents are in good health. A Podiatrist comes to the house quarterly and as needed. It is important to work together in maintaining resident’s health. We request resident, family, and friends to report any health concerns and/or observances to staff immediately. In an emergency, we will contact the resident’s physician or the most available emergency resource. Once an emergency has been handled, we will contact the guardian, as well as anyone else who requested to be contacted in an emergency.